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Come use the studios! 

(Archival information: the studios have been closed since September 2006)

We invented these studios to provide space, facilities, and community for working artists, with a special emphasis on the development of women art-makers.  "Is it free?" you ask. Of course not; it's a studio, not a socialist revolution. But since we see this work as a perennial, organic process and we are committed to making the resources for art-making accessible to women, we offer a variety of ways to participate. Explore the options below.

Then e-mail us at info at barebonestudios dot com (you can do that from our Contact page) or call us at (517)267-0809 to make arrangements.


By renting your own piece of the premises you can become one of our studio-mates with a key of your own and full access to all of our facilities. But we can accommodate only a limited number of studio-mates, so if you're not able or not quite ready to move right in, there are lots of other possibilities:


Once you've been given an orientation to the studios and our equipment, you can arrange an independent work session whenever a studio-mate will be at the studios and the facilities you need are not already in use. This sort of access is ideal when you have a specific body of work to complete. The fee depends on the equipment you'll be using:
  • Painting, drawing, sewing--in general, using the space and the utilities but not our equipment: $5 for a 3-hour session.
  • Throwing on the wheel, printmaking and the like, using our equipment: $10 for a 3-hour session; you supply your own materials (we can sell you clay and glaze chemicals). You can bisque and glaze fire in our kilns for an additional fee; see our kiln rates.
  • Using the darkroom: $20 for a 3-hour session; you supply your own chemistry.

You may also contract for the use of our kilns alone for the same kiln rates.

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If you need more time to work, you can rent access to our different studio areas by the month. Think, graduate school without the professors: Hours of access are basically unlimited, though you may need to negotiate with other denizens of the studios if you require private time and to work around occasional scheduled events. Although you don't get to "own" part of the studio, you are welcome to store your things on the premises in our lockers, flat files and such. The fee for such access is $75/month for the painting studio, and $100/month for the printmaking studio. Similar access to our ceramics area may also be negotiable. Check out our rate scale for darkroom time "in bulk." For this sort of access, we require a $50 key deposit, refundable when you return your studio key.


We sometimes rent the use of the large painting studio for meetings, parties and other special events. Our basic rate is $50 for four hours, for simply occupying the space and leaving it in as good condition as you found it. Use of other space and of our equipment is negotiable for an additional fee.
We also occasionally donate the use of this space to fellow travelers and worthy causes. Talk to us.


If none of these options seems to fit, don't despair. We are happy to tailor individual arrangements whenever we can, so please discuss your needs with us.


Some of our studio-mates offer ongoing workshops in their fields of interest. You can generally  start at your own level and proceed at your own pace. Use each workshop as a tutorial with an experienced instructor or as time set aside to work in the stimulating company of kindred artists--or both--as suits you. Check the schedule for current offerings, and sign up to receive notice of future workshops and events of interest to you.

So, come visit, come work. The studios are waiting for you.

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