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Greetings, potential Bare Bone darkroom user!

We have a variety of options for darkroom use, some of which haven't been invented yet.

The deluxe version is that you make application, pay a key deposit and $150 per month, and get autonomous access and the right to use the darkroom anytime it's not already reserved.


But what about those of us who can't justify that expense, or who just plain can't afford it? (Believe me, we understand.)

The bare bone solution is to reserve the darkroom for $7.50 per hour, or $20 for a 3-hour session, as needed. For this you need to check with us to see if the darkroom is available.

For levels of use between bare bone and moving in, we offer "volume discounts:"

  • 10% off your total bill if you schedule 10-15 hours/month;
  • 15% off the total for 16-20 hours/month; or
  • 20% off the total for 21 or more hours a month.

After 24 hours in a month, you'd just better sign up for monthly access for $150.

Other arrangements may be negotiable; call us at 267-0809, or e-mail us at info@barebonestudios.com (or use our Contact page).

We hope this leaves you in the dark!

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